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For the new X-ESS G4, we get rid of the complicated wiring work by laying all the wires in the Matebox. All you need to do is just to install one module on the top of another, and connect all the cables which are already well-sorted in the Matebox in different ports.

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  • When shoud I use a matebox?

    Matebox meaning: 1. Easier installation and tidy outlook. 2. Whole houes load backup.

  • What the difference between basic and advanced version of matebox?

    Advanced version has one more meter/CT (CT for X1-Matebox, meter for X3-Matebox) one more DPDT device which can use to whole house load backup. 

    Advanced version do not support parallel connection, and can't be used with generator.

  • Both single and three phases inverter support matebox?


  • Both single and three phases inverter have all-in-one design?


  • Can I use T30 only for all-in-one solution?


  • What's the capacity of all-in-one solution?

    3.1kWh~12.3kWh, need use T30 batteries,

  • Will SolaX provide coummunication cables?

    No, installer has to made communication cable according to customer's requirement.

  • What cable for communication? And which terminal port should I use?

    Cat5 network cable and RJ45 terminal.

  • Is there beeping sound when inverter into EPS mode?

    Yes, you can turn it off in setting. menu- settings- eps settings- mute

  • What is the switchover time? Is it reach UPS level?

    10ms(UPS level) for single hybrid inverter. More than 10ms in parallel.

  • Which size of cable should I use? What about breaker?

    For the cable size and breaker secifications, you can refer to the  corresponding user manual.

  • Does both single and three phases inverter support matebox?

    Yes, SolaX support both X1-Matebox and X3-Matebox

  • Can Hybird inverter provide whole home back-up function?

    Yes, with matebox advanced or EPS box.


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