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    How to get device data by Modbus TCP


    This document is not a replacement of official user manual or installation guide of SolaX products. It is intended as a knowledge base to assist solar installers for further details or troubleshooting. All rights are reserved by SolaX Power Network Technology (Zhejiang) Co.,Ltd.



    1.Get inverter IP

    Refer to the user manual to finish the installation of Pocket Wi-Fi and Solax inverter.



    1. Use a PC to search the inverter Wi-Fi signal from the Pocket Wi-Fi. (SSIDL: Wifi_Sxxxxxxxxx)

    2. Connect to the inverter Wi-Fi.

    3. Open browser (IE, Firefox or Chrome) and type in

    4. Log in

    Username: admin

    Password: admin or Registration No. (dongle SN) of your device.

    5. DHCP setting page.

        A. Connect to the home router Wi-Fi by clicking 'Find AP' or by manually inputting the home router's SSID.

        If you already have configured network (e.g. by APP) skip to step D.

        B. Input the home router's password as the 'Key'.

        C. Click 'Save'.

        D. Refresh and remember the IP address.



    2.Modbus software connect and get data from inverter

    PC connect to the same home router with inverter.

    • Open Modbus software.
    • Select connection type as Modbus TCP/IP.
    • Input the inverter IP address which you got at step 5.4.
    • Inquiry the Inverter register data.


    3.Check Solax Power Modbus protocol document

    Search the Register data meaning in Solax Power Modbus protocol document.



    1. Please contact Solax Power to get the latest Solax Power Modbus protocol document.





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