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Convenient and reliable backup power solution with easy wiring and parallel operation capability.

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  • Does X3-Hybrid G4 support parallel?

    Yes, three X3-Hybrid G4 inverter can be connected in parallel without EPS parallel box. For X3-Hybrid G4, we support up to 10 inverters to do the parallel connection with an EPS parallel box.

  • When using EPS parallel box, do the ‘External ATS’ need be enable?

    Yes, if the number of parallel X3 INV is greater than 3pcs, the EPS parallel box is necessary. The External ATS function needs to be turned on.

  • What cable for communication? And which terminal port should I use?

    Cat5 network cable and RJ45 terminal.

  • What is the switchover time? Is it reach UPS level?

    10ms(UPS level) for single hybrid inverter. More than 10ms in parallel.

  • Does parallel system support 10ms switchover time?


  • Which size of cable should I use? What about breaker?

    For the cable size and breaker secifications, you can refer to the  corresponding user manual.

  • If I have a parallel system with multi hybrid inverters, Do it requre pocket WiFi/LAN for each inverter

    Yes, each inverter in the parallel system need its own pocket WiFi/LAN

  • Do I still need EPS parallel box if I don't need back up function

    No You don't need EPS parallel box if you don’t need back up function, no matter how many units in parallel.


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