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Efficient, economic, safe, and intelligent solar inverter with shadow tracking function, high power input, and battery storage. It features quick configuration, compatibility with various batteries, and intelligent loads management. It also has on-grid and off-grid parallel function and supports ancillary services in the power market. It is IP65 rated and has integrated SPD for safety.

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  • Could SolaX inverters firstly be installed without batteries and then wait some months before installing batteries?

    Yes, the latest Hybrid G4 version can support installed without batteries. It will only work as the on-grid inverter until the battery is connected.

  • Can two same Hybrid G4 be connected in parallel, one with the battery and the other without the battery?

    The two inverters need to be connected with the same number and model of batteries before they can be connected in parallel.

  • Are SolaX inverters compatible with heatpump?

    Yes, currently the following SolaX string inverters are compatible with heat-pump control (SG ready heat pump) via connecting to SolaX adaptor box:

    X1-MINI G4

    X1-BOOST G4

    X3-MIC G2

    X3-PRO G2

    X1-Hybrid G4

    X3-Hybrid G4

  • Does X3-Hybrid G4 support parallel?

    Yes, three X3-Hybrid G4 inverter can be connected in parallel without EPS parallel box. For X3-Hybrid G4, we support up to 10 inverters to do the parallel connection with an EPS parallel box.

  • Do we still need the EPS box with the new G4 inverter?

    Our newest G4 inverters have internal switch function and the EPS box is not necessary

  • Dose the Hybrid inverter support the Lead-acid battery?

    Yes, Hybrid G4 series support Lead-acid battery, you can choose the battery type in the ‘Charger-Battery Type-Lead Acid’.

  • Which models of inverters does the EV-Charger compatible with to achive the Green and ECO mode?

    X1-Mini G3/G4

    X1-Boost G3/G4

    X3-MIC G2

    X3-PRO G2

    X1-Hybrid G4

    X3-Hybrid G4

  • I wonder if the ‘X3-Hybrid G4’ can charge the batteries from grid if solar panels are not available?

    Yes, 'charge from grid' can be enabled from the inverter LCD screen or on SolaX cloud Web/ APP.

  • When using EPS parallel box, do the ‘External ATS’ need be enable?

    Yes, if the number of parallel X3 INV is greater than 3pcs, the EPS parallel box is necessary. The External ATS function needs to be turned on.

  • Which inverters are compatible with the 10s updated WiFi?

    X1/X3-Hybrid G4, X1-Boost G4, X1-Mini G4, X3-MIC/PRO G2

  • Which series of inverters support 200% oversizing?

    X1-MINI G4, X1-BOOST G4, X3-MIC G2, X1/X3-Hybrid G4

  • What models support generator?

    X1-Hybrid G4, X1-FIT G4, X3-Hybrid G4, X3-FIT G4, X1-Mini G4, X1-Boost G4

  • Can Solax inverter control generator?

    Yes, Hybrid G4 supports. With dry contact connection, inverter can control generator to charge the battery basing settings of battery SOC or charging time period.

  • Both single and three phases inverter have all-in-one design?


  • Can Hybrid inverter provide whole house loads back-up function?

    The EPS box can provide whole house loads back-up for hybrid inverter.

    For X1/X3-Hybrid G4, the SolaX Matebox Advance can also achieve this function.

  • When I use three phases unbalanced output function, is there power limitation for each phase?

    Yes, the maximum output power for each phase is the smaller of 50% power rate and 5kW. EPS output shares the same limitation.

  • Is there beeping sound when inverter into EPS mode?

    Yes, you can turn it off in setting. menu- settings- eps settings- mute

  • What is the switchover time? Is it reach UPS level?

    10ms(UPS level) for single hybrid inverter. More than 10ms in parallel.

  • Does parallel system support 10ms switchover time?


  • Is it better to have a lower start voltage?

    Yes, lower voltage means earler start-up.

  • What's the difference between Hybrid and FIT?

    FIT models is to store the energy for on-grid inverter, it has no port to connet PV input.

  • Can we install Hybrid outdoor?

    Yes, Hybrid series equipped with IP65  protection level. Pls follow the instruction of installation about the enviroment requirement

  • Is it necessary to install a meter before on-grid inverter if it's connected to a Hybrid inverter?

    The second meter is used to monitor the power situation of the 3rd party on-grid inverter, is not necessary for the AC coupling system.

  • How many batteries can be connected to the Hybrid inverter?

    For X1-Hybrid G4, it supports up to 4×T30 or up to 3×T58 

    For X3-Hybrid G4, it supports up to 4×T30 or up to 4×T58 

    With the BMS parallel box, X1-Hybrid G4 can support up to 6×T58 and X3-Hybrid G4 supports up to 8×T58  

  • How does the hybrid inverter get benefits from the PV oversizing

    For the hybrid system, if the PV power is higher than the inverter's power, the surplus energy will be used to charge battery via DC to DC. Let's take 10kW hybrid G4 as an example, if the PV is 16.5kW, then 10kW can be converted to AC power, and 6.5kW will charge the batteries

  • Where excess energy goes when PV energy is more than needs of loads and battery?

    If you disable 0 export control, excess energy will be injected to grid. If you enable 0 export control, inverter will limite generation power.

  • Does it have to work with network?

    No, but it's better to work online, as we can provide remote support if there is any issue happened.

  • Can I add energy storage into existing string inverter system?

    Yes, you can add the hybrid/Fit inverter into your exisiting string inverter system.

  • How to do zero injection control? Do I need energy meter?

    Yes, a meter or a CT is needed for export control(In the on-grid inverter series,only single phase on-grid inverters are compatible with CT,three phase on-grid inverters are not compatible with CT) . Once a meter or a CT is connected, you should configure the inverter via LCD screen(App for non-screen version). Go to setting item 'Export control' to enable meter(or CT) and then confirm how much power to inject to the grid. If you want zero injection, you just need to set the value to 0.

  • If I have a parallel system with three hybrid inverters, Can I use different batteries for inverters

    In the parallel system, Every hybrid inverter must have the same battery model and quantities.

  • In the datasheet, there are  Max. PV array power and Max. PV input power, what is the difference between them, what do they mean?

    The Max.PV array power is also known as the oversizing, which is 200% for our Hybrid G4. it means the maximum power of the array that the inverter can connected. And the Max. PV input power means the max power can be used by the inverter.

  • If I have a parallel system with multi hybrid inverters, Do it requre pocket WiFi/LAN for each inverter

    Yes, each inverter in the parallel system need its own pocket WiFi/LAN

  • Do I still need EPS parallel box if I don't need back up function

    No You don't need EPS parallel box if you don’t need back up function, no matter how many units in parallel.

  • Does both single and three phases inverter support matebox?

    Yes, SolaX support both X1-Matebox and X3-Matebox

  • Can Hybird inverter provide whole home back-up function?

    Yes, with matebox advanced or EPS box.

  • If I have a Solax Hybrid Inverter and a third-party String inverter in my house, how I can monitor the whole system

    In this sytem,  you need two meters, the first meter is at the Grid Connection Point, and the second meter is going to measure the output of the string inverters. Both meters are connecting to the hybrid inverter. Please note zero-export control is not avaialble in this system.

  • Do you have the compability list of the pocket and the inverters

    Yes. (Only WiFi2.0/WiFi3.0/WiFi+LAN adaptations have been updated so far)

    X1-MINI G3.0 and previous verison Wi-Fi2.0  SW Optional
    G3.1 Wi-Fi3.0/Wi-Fi+LAN SR/SN Standard
    G4.0 Wi-Fi3.0/Wi-Fi+LAN  SR/SS/SN Standard
    X1-BOOST G3.2 and previous verison Wi-Fi2.0  SW Optional
    G3.3 Wi-Fi3.0/Wi-Fi+LAN  SR/SN Standard
    G4.0 Wi-Fi3.0/Wi-Fi+LAN  SR/SS/SN Standard
    X1-SMART G1 Wi-Fi2.0  SW Optional
    X3-MIC/PRO G1 Wi-Fi2.0  SW Optional
    G2 WiFi3.0/WiFi+LAN  SR/SS/SN Standard
    X3-MAX/MEGA-G1 - Senergy Wi-Fi Optional
    X3-MEGA-G2 - Wi-Fi3.0/Wi-Fi+LAN  SR/SN Optional
    X3-FORTH - Wi-Fi3.0/Wi-Fi+LAN  SR/SN Optional
    X1-hybrid-G3 - Wi-Fi2.0  SW Optional
    X1-hybrid-G4 G4.0 and previous version Wi-Fi2.0  SW Optional
    G4.1 Wi-Fi3.0/Wi-Fi+LAN  SR/SS/SN Standard
    G4.3 Wi-Fi3.0/Wi-Fi+LAN  SR/SS/SN Standard
    X3-hybrid-G1/G2 - Wi-Fi2.0  SW Optional
    X3-hybrid-G4 G4.1 and previous version Wi-Fi2.0  SW Optional
    G4.2 Wi-Fi3.0/Wi-Fi+LAN  SR/SS/SN Standard
    G4.3 Wi-Fi3.0/Wi-Fi+LAN  SR/SS/SN Standard
    A1-hybrid G1 Wi-Fi2.0  SW Optional
    G2 Wi-Fi3.0/Wi-Fi+LAN  SR/SS/SN Standard
    X1-AC Wi-Fi2.0  SW Optional
    J1-ESS - Wi-Fi2.0  SW Optional
    X1-SPT Wi-Fi3.0  SR Standard


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