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The LiFePO4 battery has a systematic design, modular stacking, and easy installation with Solax Hybrid inverter. It features a unique battery heating technology, auto power replenishment, and multiple communication interfaces. The battery is safe and has a long life cycle of more than 6000 times. It is also certified by TUV, CE, UN38.3, and other safety certifications.

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  • Could SolaX inverters firstly be installed without batteries and then wait some months before installing batteries?

    Yes, the latest Hybrid G4 version can support installed without batteries. It will only work as the on-grid inverter until the battery is connected.

  • Could we use BMS parallel box with T30? If yes, could we connect up to 8×T30 with it?

    The BMS Parallel Box II G2 could support T30 batteries, and it can parallel with 1 to 8 piecies T30 batteries.

  • What is the energy consumption of the T30 battery for heating at low temperature?

    Generally, the energy consumption of battery heating at low temperature comes from PV, if there are only batteries, the heating power of a single battery is about 160W.

  • Can I use other power cable to replace the cable Solax provided?

    No, self-prepared cable

  • Can I use other brand's battery?

    For Lithium-ion battery, only SolaX battery supports. For Lead-acid battery, there is no brand limitation, but has requirement of voltage range.

  • Can I install T30 on wall?

    No, it's stand installation leanning on the wall with a bracket.

  • Why do we have to use Solax lithium-ion battery only?

    With our battery, we can provide extra 5 years, total 10 years, warranty for Hybrid inverter and battery. To provide more stable system for customer.

  • Can I use T30 only for all-in-one solution?


  • How many batteries can be connected to the Hybrid inverter?

    For X1-Hybrid G4, it supports up to 4×T30 or up to 3×T58 

    For X3-Hybrid G4, it supports up to 4×T30 or up to 4×T58 

    With the BMS parallel box, X1-Hybrid G4 can support up to 6×T58 and X3-Hybrid G4 supports up to 8×T58  

  • If I have a parallel system with three hybrid inverters, Can I use different batteries for inverters

    In the parallel system, Every hybrid inverter must have the same battery model and quantities.

  • What is maximum recommanded length between battery and inverters

    5m, Solax supply 5m battery cables. 

  • Can I make the cable myself for the battery connection instead of the Solax provided cable?

    we don't recommand use other power cable for the batteries connection for the safety reason. 

  • Can Hybird inverter provide whole home back-up function?

    Yes, with matebox advanced or EPS box.


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