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Project design

    Extend Battery Function


    For customer who wants more batteries to extend system capacity, excessive SOC difference(more than 30%) between old&new batteries may lead problem, such as SOC saltus step or power limiting. Extend BAT FUNC is for the convenience of extending batteries to avoid problem caused by excessive SOC differences.




    Setting path

    ‘Main’ ->‘Settings’->‘Advance settings’->‘Extend BAT FUNC’->‘Enable’


    Pleas ensure the firmware is the latest version. Then enable the‘Extend BAT FUNC’. And the system will keep the SOC of all old batteries at 36%-40%. When the old batteries SOC are stabilized, you can refer to the manual to add new batteries into the system.


    Note: 1.This function will be maintained for 48 hours and then auto-exit.

          2. All new batteries are about 45%-48% charged at the factory, and the SOC will be lost during transportation, roughly 1% per month.





    Avoid battery expansion problem caused by SOC difference.



    Enable and forget, Extend BAT FUNC will disabled by default after 48h.



    No need to bother how to control old battery SOC.



    Export control>Extend BAT FUNC>work mode

    Export control has higher priority to meet 0 injection. In this case Extend BAT FUNC may not able to drop SOC to 36%~40% quickly if no load & 0 injection.



    Only G4 inverter support Extend BAT FUNC.


    system usable capacity = the lowest battery usable capacity in system * batteries quantity

    So if old battery health only left 90% usable capacity, the new 100% health  battery  only  able  to add 90% usable capacity to system.




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