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The X3-ULTRA series is a versatile inverter that includes inversion, solar charging, and battery charging, etc. It greatly meets the requirements of solar-powered roofs and supports various intelligent solutions such as load management, wireless metering, dual battery terminals, microgrids, etc., to achieve efficient and economical energy utilization. The X3 ULTRA series can be used with different capacities of SolaX battery.

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  • What power bands are available in X3-ULTRA?

    X3-ULTRA has 6 models: X3-ULT-15K / 19.9K / 20K / 25K / 30K.

  • What kind of batteries does X3-ULTRA support? How many?

    X3-ULTRA can currently support HS25/36 & HR25/36 & T58 batteries, including two independent battery interfaces:
    ●X3-ULTRA + HS25/HR25, 4~13 batteries per tower (10.0~32.5kWh);
    ●X3-ULTRA + HS36/HR36, with 4~13 batteries per tower(14.7~47.9kWh);
    ●X3-ULTRA + T58, 2~4 batteries per tower(11.5~23.0kWh), with BMS Parallel Box II G2 can connect up to 4 towers;
    Note: New and old batteries of the same model can be expanded, connecting two ports for different models is not recommended.

  • Can Hybrid inverter provide whole house loads back-up function?

    The EPS box can provide whole house loads back-up for hybrid inverter.

    For X1/X3-Hybrid G4, the SolaX Matebox Advance can also achieve this function.

  • Is there beeping sound when inverter into EPS mode?

    Yes, you can turn it off in setting. menu- settings- eps settings- mute

  • What is the switchover time? Is it reach UPS level?

    10ms(UPS level) for single hybrid inverter. More than 10ms in parallel.

  • Does parallel system support 10ms switchover time?


  • Is it better to have a lower start voltage?

    Yes, lower voltage means earler start-up.

  • What's the difference between Hybrid and FIT?

    FIT models is to store the energy for on-grid inverter, it has no port to connet PV input.

  • Can we install Hybrid outdoor?

    Yes, Hybrid series equipped with IP65  protection level. Pls follow the instruction of installation about the enviroment requirement

  • Is it necessary to install a meter before on-grid inverter if it's connected to a Hybrid inverter?

    The second meter is used to monitor the power situation of the 3rd party on-grid inverter, is not necessary for the AC coupling system.

  • Where excess energy goes when PV energy is more than needs of loads and battery?

    If you disable 0 export control, excess energy will be injected to grid. If you enable 0 export control, inverter will limite generation power.

  • Does it have to work with network?

    No, but it's better to work online, as we can provide remote support if there is any issue happened.

  • If I have a parallel system with three hybrid inverters, Can I use different batteries for inverters

    In the parallel system, Every hybrid inverter must have the same battery model and quantities.

  • In the datasheet, there are  Max. PV array power and Max. PV input power, what is the difference between them, what do they mean?

    The Max.PV array power is also known as the oversizing, which is 200% for our Hybrid G4. it means the maximum power of the array that the inverter can connected. And the Max. PV input power means the max power can be used by the inverter.

  • If I have a Solax Hybrid Inverter and a third-party String inverter in my house, how I can monitor the whole system

    In this sytem,  you need two meters, the first meter is at the Grid Connection Point, and the second meter is going to measure the output of the string inverters. Both meters are connecting to the hybrid inverter. Please note zero-export control is not avaialble in this system.


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