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Pocket WiFi

Harness the power of WiFi with our Pocket WiFi dongle, connect to a local network within 50m of the installation to enable access to the SolaX Cloud monitoring platform.

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  • How to configure Pocket WiFi 3.0?

    APP registration

    Step 1: Scan the following QR code or search for the keyword “SolaxCloud” in the APP Store to download the Monitoring APP.


    Step 2: Click the > button at upper left corner to choose language.


    Step 3: Click “Sign Up” at the bottom of Monitoring App.


    Step 4: Fill in your registration Email, input the Verification code, and enter your password to create the account.

    Note:If the registration fails, please contact the SolaX Technical support team.


    WiFi connection

    Step 1: Log in your account.


    Step 2: Allow SolaxCloud to access your system location, fill in site name (self-defined), system size (refers to the total PV power of the system) and add device by scanning the code on Pocket WiFi.


    Step 3: Enter your WiFi account and password. Start to configure the device network.



    If the WiFi configuration fails, please check the following table to diagnose and seek solutions.

  • Can I see my energy consumption data at night?

    The on-grid inverter can be offline at sunset without enough solar input. If you still want to monitor your system at night, you will need SolaX on-grid inverter with a built-in AC auxiliary power supply(APS) and SolaX smart energy meter/CT to achieve 24 hours energy monitoring.

  • Which inverters are compatible with the 10s updated WiFi?

    X1/X3-Hybrid G4, X1-Boost G4, X1-Mini G4, X3-MIC/PRO G2

  • As an installer, what shall I do for commissioning?

    After system installation, there are few steps for commission, such as Wi-Fi and basic inverter configuration. After checking all connections and turning ON all switches, when PV input has exceeded the start-up voltage, the inverter will run into checking and operating status. You can start setting up the Wi-Fi dongle via SolaX Cloud APP to config the connection to monitoring platform.

    Besides, on the APP or the LCD screen you can configure the basic settings easily, including language, date&time, and the safety code according to your local grid standard, and export control if zero injection is required.

  • what is the historical data granularity stored on the cloud
  • If I have a parallel system with multi hybrid inverters, Do it requre pocket WiFi/LAN for each inverter

    Yes, each inverter in the parallel system need its own pocket WiFi/LAN

  • What is the refresh time of the data on the cloud?

    The refresh time is 5 mins.

    With latest Pockect 4.0 dongle the refresh time of the energy flow chart will be 10s .

  • Do you have the compability list of the pocket and the inverters

    Yes. (Only WiFi2.0/WiFi3.0/WiFi+LAN adaptations have been updated so far)

    X1-MINI G3.0 and previous verison Wi-Fi2.0  SW Optional
    G3.1 Wi-Fi3.0/Wi-Fi+LAN SR/SN Standard
    G4.0 Wi-Fi3.0/Wi-Fi+LAN  SR/SS/SN Standard
    X1-BOOST G3.2 and previous verison Wi-Fi2.0  SW Optional
    G3.3 Wi-Fi3.0/Wi-Fi+LAN  SR/SN Standard
    G4.0 Wi-Fi3.0/Wi-Fi+LAN  SR/SS/SN Standard
    X1-SMART G1 Wi-Fi2.0  SW Optional
    X3-MIC/PRO G1 Wi-Fi2.0  SW Optional
    G2 WiFi3.0/WiFi+LAN  SR/SS/SN Standard
    X3-MAX/MEGA-G1 - Senergy Wi-Fi Optional
    X3-MEGA-G2 - Wi-Fi3.0/Wi-Fi+LAN  SR/SN Optional
    X3-FORTH - Wi-Fi3.0/Wi-Fi+LAN  SR/SN Optional
    X1-hybrid-G3 - Wi-Fi2.0  SW Optional
    X1-hybrid-G4 G4.0 and previous version Wi-Fi2.0  SW Optional
    G4.1 Wi-Fi3.0/Wi-Fi+LAN  SR/SS/SN Standard
    G4.3 Wi-Fi3.0/Wi-Fi+LAN  SR/SS/SN Standard
    X3-hybrid-G1/G2 - Wi-Fi2.0  SW Optional
    X3-hybrid-G4 G4.1 and previous version Wi-Fi2.0  SW Optional
    G4.2 Wi-Fi3.0/Wi-Fi+LAN  SR/SS/SN Standard
    G4.3 Wi-Fi3.0/Wi-Fi+LAN  SR/SS/SN Standard
    A1-hybrid G1 Wi-Fi2.0  SW Optional
    G2 Wi-Fi3.0/Wi-Fi+LAN  SR/SS/SN Standard
    X1-AC Wi-Fi2.0  SW Optional
    J1-ESS - Wi-Fi2.0  SW Optional
    X1-SPT Wi-Fi3.0  SR Standard


Installation video

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