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The T-BAT-SYS-HV, adopting advanced technology and having the characteristics of high reliability and convenient to control, is one of the most advanced energy storage systems in today's market.

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  • Can I add battery as energy storage in the future?

    Yes, actually string inverters doesn't have battery management unit integrated. SolaX provides a string inverter + retro-fit + battery storage solution, which makes it possible to extend battery storage to existing string inverter system.

  • Dose the Hybrid inverter support the Lead-acid battery?

    Yes, Hybrid G4 series support Lead-acid battery, you can choose the battery type in the ‘Charger-Battery Type-Lead Acid’.

  • Can I use other brand's battery?

    For Lithium-ion battery, only SolaX battery supports. For Lead-acid battery, there is no brand limitation, but has requirement of voltage range.

  • Why do we have to use Solax lithium-ion battery only?

    With our battery, we can provide extra 5 years, total 10 years, warranty for Hybrid inverter and battery. To provide more stable system for customer.

  • How does the inverter distribute PV energy between grid, loads and battery?


    Self-use mode: 1.Loads 2.Battery 3.Grid;

    Feed-in mode: 1.Loads 2.Grid 3.Battery 

    Back-up mode: 1.Loads 2.Battery 3.Grid


    loads only

  • What is maximum recommanded length between battery and inverters

    5m, Solax supply 5m battery cables. 

  • Can I make the cable myself for the battery connection instead of the Solax provided cable?

    we don't recommand use other power cable for the batteries connection for the safety reason. 


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