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DDSU666 5(80)A

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  • Can I use no-SolaX brand of meter/CT?

    No, the meter need be SolaX version, which has specific protocol with SolaX inverter.

  • When shoud I use CT and when shoud I use meter

    We provide CT with inverter. CT can be applied to general cases

  • What is the limitation of connection cable length for CT or meter?

    Max. length (CT) :100m ;

    Max. length (meter) :200m(Between 100-200m, CAT7 communication cable is required).

  • How to do zero injection control? Do I need energy meter?

    Yes, a meter or a CT is needed for export control(In the on-grid inverter series,only single phase on-grid inverters are compatible with CT,three phase on-grid inverters are not compatible with CT) . Once a meter or a CT is connected, you should configure the inverter via LCD screen(App for non-screen version). Go to setting item 'Export control' to enable meter(or CT) and then confirm how much power to inject to the grid. If you want zero injection, you just need to set the value to 0.

  • Shoud I change any setting when I install meter or CT?

    You have to choose the type which you installed in "CT/Meter setting".

  • What if I install wrong direction of meter?

    You can set the direction of meter in "CT/Meter setting"


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