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Smart plug/socket with current failure monitoring, PEN protection, and encrypted communication. Enables the formation of an intelligent energy system with EV charging and PV storage. Supports 100% green energy and offers remote monitoring and dynamic load control. Includes RFID function and timer settings to reduce costs during peak pricing. Easy indoor/outdoor installation.

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  • What's the benefit to connect Solax EVC charger to Solax inverter?

    There are two benefits, one is if there is zero export control requirement for your inverter, the inverter still can allow the EVC charger to use surplus solar energy, the other benefit is if your home has energy storage battery installed, the Solax inverter could control the battery not export energy to the charger.

  • Do I need solar pannels for Solax EV charger to work?

    No, Solax EV charger can work as standalone charger, the green and eco mode are extra features that allow you can use renewable energy generated by solar inverter and wind turbines.

  • Which activation methods Solax EVC charger support?

    Plug&play, Mobile APP, RFID card.

  • Does the Solax EV charger support Vehicle to grid(V2G)?


  • What is the minimum charging level on the three phase?

    In all cases, the EV is the limiting factor. Some EVs cannot be charged using 3-phase, hence they will only be charged using 1-phase. The charging current is limited by the EV as well, usually it’s 16A, 30A or 32A. 

    1-phase charging range : 1.4 kW →7.2 kW

    3-phase charging range : 4.2 kW → 22 kW

  • Does Solax EVC charger support COPP 1.6j?


  • Can I change a single phase capable EV with a three pahses charger?

    Yes, but the charging power will be reduce.

  • Which models of inverters does the EV-Charger compatible with to achive the Green and ECO mode?

    X1-Mini G3/G4

    X1-Boost G3/G4

    X3-MIC G2

    X3-PRO G2

    X1-Hybrid G4

    X3-Hybrid G4

  • Can I have my existing charger and a Solax EV charger installed together without overloading my supply?

    It really depends on your installation setup. You can install Solax EV charger using a dedicated circuit from your main consumer unit and set a “main breaker limit” to make sure you will not blow your main fuse.

  • Will SolaX provide coummunication cables?

    No, installer has to made communication cable according to customer's requirement.

  • What cable for communication? And which terminal port should I use?

    Cat5 network cable and RJ45 terminal.

  • Can I charge a single phase EV with a three phase charger?

    Yes, but the charging power will be reduce.

  • How can we use the green(from PV panels)to charge the vehicle?

    Realized by communication with the inverter;

    Through the CT (standard), measure the power on the grid side (non-zero export system).

  • Can I charge at different current rate across the phases in 3-ph charging?

    No, when charging with 3-phase, the current drawn by the EV will be the same on all phases.

  • Which size of cable should I use? What about breaker?

    For the cable size and breaker secifications, you can refer to the  corresponding user manual.

  • How does EVC work with the payment system

    Our evc supports OCPP protocal which can integrate with local EVC opreation platform.


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