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    Single Phase On-grid Inverter for Three Phase Grid

    Install a single-phase inverter with a three-phase meter


    Usually the single-phase inverter works with a single-phase meter. However, in some cases, users want to install a single-phase inverter in a three-phase system. But with the single-phase meter, the inverter can only control one phase’s export power, which is not good for a three-phase system. People usually want to have zero injection on the total rather than the signal phase.



    Solax single-phase inverters fully support connecting a three-phase meter to control three phases export power. Zero export control can work in such a case.


    Connection Diagram




    There are no special requirements for this connection. Just follow the installation instructions for each part. The AC output of the inverter could be connected to any phase. A three-phase meter should be installed before the grid to give export control to the whole three-phase system. The connection of the three-phase meter is the same as in a normal three-phase system. Connect the signal cable to the “Meter/CT” port of the inverter.



    No special setting required comparing with connecting a single phase meter.

    1. go to Set export control to “0” if it’s required.

    Path: Settings->Advanced settings-> Export Control


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