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    Fuel Saving Solution with On-grid Inverters

    Thinking to save fuel consumption for your house or commercial site with green energy? In some countries, due to unstable grid supply, the usage of fuel generators is necessary for house owners to keep their home appliances running in case of power shortage. However, the global diesel price has been badly affected by multiple factors and it could be a headache for diesel generator owners to keep an eye on the fluctuating price. Thanks to the micro-grid and fuel saver solution, SolaX now has integrated generator supporting function into the latest solar inverters to save the fuel cost.



    System Diagram



    Device List



    How can SolaX Inverters help to save fuel consumption?


    SolaX Fuel Saving solution, is developed to have solar energy introduced into On-grid or Off-grid sites to reduce the power consumption from grid supply(On-grid) and generators(Off-grid) during the day. In this case, the saved cost can quickly compensate the initial investment of solar system.

    The operating states are as below.

    State 1

    During On-grid situation, generator will be in standby mode, ATS device in the system will connect SolaX inverter with the grid. All power generated from solar panels can be supplied to home loads in the first place, and the surplus will be exported to the grid if exporting is allowed in the settings.


    State 2

    When it comes to power-cut situation,

    1. ATS device in the system will automatically send a start signal to generator(for ATS with auto gen starter) to warm up and start generating.

    2. ATS will then automatically switch to generator side when the generator output is stably within the operating range of ATS.

    3. Then SolaX inverter will automatically recognize and switch to the generator mode with the widest AC voltage/frequency range.

    4. In this case,SolaX inverter will supply solar power to home loads in priority.and if the load consumption is higher than inverter output power,generator will supply the rest.

    When it comes to complete off-grid situation without ATS.

    1. Generator in the system will keep running to power up main panel or sub panel all the time.

    2. SolaX inverter will be set as generator mode which has the widest AC voltage/frequency range.

    3. Generator will maintain a minimum operating output power to home loads in priority.,and if the load consumption is higher than minimum output power,SolaX inverter will supply the rest.

    Note:Installer can set a minimum generator running power on the inverter,in which case,solar inverter will decrease the production accordingly to avoid underloading generator.


    State 3

    When the grid is back, the ATS device will then switch back to the grid side, and in this case, the operation state will be same as State 1.


    How to configure Fuel Saving function?




    1. High AC voltage tolerance range supported

    2. Save your fuel cost by harvesting more solar energy

    3. Remotely monitor solar generation via SolaX Cloud Web&APP

    4. Compatible with single-phase & three-phase generators

    5. Suitable for micro-grid applications


    Fuel Saving Compatible On-grid inverters List


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