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    SolaX X3-Hybrid G4 unbalanced power supply solution

    Why do we need three phase unbalanced power supply?

    Usually three-phase or single-phase loads both used in in a three-phase house that will lead to three-phase unbalanced consumption. 


    Because some countries grid utility requires different export limit, this will need inverter has different export control way to match. (the different of total export limit and per phase export limit)

    For per phase export limit scene, we suggest to enable the three phase unbalance function.


    Solax X3 Hybrid G4 unbalanced power supply solution

    Solax three-phase energy storage inverter X3 hybrid G4 series can provide unbalanced output on both grid side and EPS side. 


    Solution Introduction

    For example, if this is a per phase export limit solar system, when each phase load is unbalance and enable the inverter three phase unbalance function, the inverter would able to output different power according to each phase load consumption. The output per phase will be control close to 0W.


    With the three-phase smart meter(or CT)monitoring real-time consumption at different phase which help the inverter calculate each phase output power, besides the extra power will not fed to the grid at no load phase.


    * Both support single X3-Hybrid G4 and X3-Hybrid G4 in parallel under three-phase unbalance output.

    * Notice: X3-Hybrid G4 three phase unbalance function is disable default. If need to use, please refer to the user manual to enable.


    Figure 1 single X3-Hybrid G4


    Figure 2 X3-Hybrid G4 in parallel


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