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Project design

    Micro-grid For Hybrid+ On-grid Inverters System


    There are a large number of traditional on-grid inverters on the market. Due to Islanding Effect, on-grid inverters unable to work during off-grid. This characteristic makes user losing the on-grid inverter PV energy when off-grid.


    Micro-grid is the function that making hybrid inverter simulating the grid to active on-grid inverter during off-grid. By connecting on-grid inverter to hybrid inverter's EPS port, hybrid inverter able to use PV or battery energy to active on-grid inverter when utility lost.





    Wasted on-grid inverter PV energy been saved, lower electricity bill



    No extra devices needed


    Simple and worry-free

    No complicated configuration required, enable and forget



    1. Strictly follow the wiring diagram in page2.

    2. Enable “Settings→Advance settings→MicroGrid”.



    Hybrid Inverter: X1-Hybrid/Fit G4(Fit cannot be used in pure off-grid environment)

    On-grid inverter: Any brand on-grid inverter which support “Response to an Increase in Frequency”


    On-grid inverter output power≤Max hybrid inverter EPS output power 

    On-grid inverter output power≤Max battery charging power 


     Battery Quantity 





     On-grid INV power upper limitation 
    for T-BAT-5.8





     On-grid INV power upper limitation 
    for T-BAT-3.0






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