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    Solax Cloud Warranty Registration


    Warranty Inquiry


    Solax's official website provides users with a path to check the warranty certificate. First, users need to visit Solax's official website at

    After entering the official Solax Power interface, users can click on the Warranty Registration button under Service to access the warranty inquire page and enter the serial number to check the warranty for the related product.

    The specific operation steps are shown in the following figures.


    Figure 1 Step1:Enter Solaxpower Official Website



    Figure 2 Step2:Click on Register Warranty to Enter the Query Page


    On the warranty registration page, users can enter specific SN numbers to query warranty-related data for specific products. If the queried device has been successfully upgraded for warranty, the warranty date query result will be based on the upgraded date. If the queried device has not been upgraded for warranty, the query result is based on data from the SolaX shipping system.

    If users want to upgrade their warranty, they can click the jump button to go to the SolaxCloud platform to update and upgrade the device warranty data.


    Warranty Registration


    1. Log in the end-user account of Solax Cloud first.

    Figure 3 Solax Cloud's End User Interface


    2. Click 'Support' on the left side, find the device that requires warranty upgrade. If the device is online, there will be an icon for warranty upgrade.

    Figure 4 Warranty Upgrade Interface


    3. Click on the warranty upgrade icon. If the inverter is paired with a battery, click on the ‘Battery/Master Controller SN' column' and it will automatically display the SN of the battery used in conjunction with its energy storage inverter for selection.

    Figure 5 Warranty Upgrade Parameters


    4. If customer needs to use an extended warranty code and a promotion code, enter them in the corresponding fields, then click 'Confirm'.


    a. The warranty extension code is based on the delivered products provided by the offline purchase warranty extension business.

    b. The promotional code will be used under special business circumstances.)


    5. After the warranty upgrade is completed, the email recorded during the registration will automatically receive the warranty certificate. At the same time, the interface for this device will show icons for editing, downloading (warranty certificate), and online purchase (extended warranty service).The specific warranty certificate is as shown in the following image.


    Figure 6 Warranty Certificate


    6. Click to purchase extended warranty. For products that are eligible for extended warranty and support warranty extension, the corresponding warranty extension price will be displayed. Click to purchase and after successful payment through PayPal, the Cloud platform will automatically updates the warranty and sends the new warranty certificate to the user's mailbox via email.

    Figure 7 Purchase Extended Warranty


    Warranty Policy

    If you want to learn more about the warranty policy, please refer to the following link:

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