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    Remote Shutdown Solution


    In many scenarios, the customers may have the requirement to shutdown the inverter remotely. They may need to shutdown the inverter by an external switch/third party controller, or to turn off the inverter remotely by setting on their phones and PC when they’re not nearby the inverter.


    Besides, there may be different requirements about shutdown function when the inverter is under some specific safety code. For SolaX, relevant functions have been developed for different requests.


    There are 3 ways to remotely shutdown SolaX inverters:

    • Use the dry contact to shutdown the inverter.
    • Set the shutdown on the SolaX Cloud APP or website.
    • Use the Datahub1000 to shutdown the inverter.

    The following will introduce in detail how each method is used and the corresponding inverter model.


    Switch Control

    For most inverters, there are two PINs (Dry contact) designed to fulfill the remote shutdown function.

    Normally there are two steps required:

    1. Enable’ the corresponding setting through the LCD screen or SolaX Cloud as the below table shown.
    2. Short-circuiting the corresponding PINs will trigger the remote shutdown function. (Normal Open)

    * For X1-Hybrid/FIT G4:

    The Port and PINs will be ‘CAN’ and ‘1&2’ if your inverter's hardware version is earlier than 03. You can check the hardware version on the inverter's LCD screen:

    About → Internal code → Inverter code (the last two numbers is the hardware version)


    **For X3-Hybrid/FIT G4:

    The OFF Port for Remote shutdown is the one on the far right, with ‘SHUTDOWN’ under it.


    SolaX Cloud Control

    The inverter can also be shutdown remotely through our SolaX Cloud APP&WEB.


    There are three steps:

    1. Go to the remote setting.
    2. Type in the SN code.
    3. Disable’ the corresponding setting.


    The name of the shutdown setting may be different for different models, but all can achieve the purpose of remote shutdown. We'll show where the setting is located on each model in the table below..


    Datahub 1000 Control

    The Dataub1000 can shut down all the inverters remotely through the SolaX monitor platform.

    There are 2 settings that can shut down the inverters:

    1. Ripple Control

    Enable one command on the SolaX Cloud, set ’Inverter Shutdown’ for it and submit this setting. When the Datahub receives the corresponding command from the DI port, the inverters will shut down automatically.


    For example:

    This is the port diagram of the Datahub.

    The DI port can connect to a Ripple Control Receiver.



    Enable the second state (D1 is green, D2, D3 and D4 are white) in the Ripple Control interface, and select ‘Inverter shutdown’ in the Setting. The inverters will shut down when short-circuiting the D1 port and keeping D2, D3, D4 open.


    2. DRED Control

    ‘DRED Control’ is applied to set the active power according to high or low input of the A0, A1 of AI port, D1, D2 and D3 of DI port. When you submit this setting, the DRM function is enabled and the DRM0 can shut down the inverter.

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