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    SolaX Cloud 10s Refreshed


    The data transmission between SolaX inverters and the cloud platform is realized by the Pocket Dongle, which uploads the latest data to SolaX Cloud every 5 minutes or immediately when the system has fault reported. However, if you use the latest Pocket Dongle, you can set 10s data refreshed on SolaX Cloud.



    Real-time monitoring

    This function can provide you with a better experience, presenting more detailed system changes and monitoring home energy flow status in real time.


    Rapid troubleshooting

    When the system meets faults or data exceptions, you can quickly detect anomalies in the parameters, and it is more convenient to troubleshoot and locate the problems.



    Step 1

    Log in to the cloud platform and click the System & Site in the left navigation part. Then find your site and click the icon indicated by the arrow in the figure below to enter the Statistical Range interface.


    Step 2

    Turn on the Live Data function in this Statistical Range interface. Before that, you need to check whether your Dongle is our latest products: Pocket Wi-Fi 3.0, Wi-Fi + LAN, and Wi-Fi+4G, only these 3 latest Dongles support the 10s refreshed. They can be distinguished by their registration numbers, which starts with 'SN'/ 'SS' /SM' respectively.

    Note: The Wi-Fi 3.0 which registration number starts with 'SV'/'SR' does not support 10s refreshed.


    Viewing Location

    • Power flow chart in Site Analysis (The number blinking means refreshing once)

    Note: The following GIF is the flow chart of Site page, the flow chart on Inverter page is still refreshed in 5min.

    Site analysis


    • Power flow diagram in SolaX Cloud APP



    • The parameters line graph in Live Data

    Live Data



    1. The Pocket Dongles that support 10s refreshed are listed below.

    Table 1 Pocket Dongles that support 10s refreshed


    Registration Number

    Firmware Version

    Pocket Wi-Fi 3.0



    Pocket Wi-Fi+LAN



    Pocket Wi-Fi+4GM




    2. This function also required to be supported by the inverter version. You can refer to the following table for specific information.

    Table 2 Inverter and Firmware Version

    Inverter Version

    Firmware Version





    X1-Hybrid G4.1 and above version


    X3-Hybrid G4.3 and above version


    A1-Hybrid G2



    Note: If the former requests of the Inverter and the Dongle are not met, it will show 'Operate Failed' as below.

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